Dimoregallery returned to PAD London, the leading fair for 20th century art, design and decorative arts issued from the world’s most prestigious galleries.

The exhibiting space represented an elegant home with a distinguished modern aesthetic, focusing on historical Italian and Scandinavian design.

Smooth lines defined the furnishings and the lamps created by Design Masters from the past century, including works by BBPR, Osvaldo Borsani, Carlo De Carli, Severin Hansen, Frits Henningsen, Angelo Lelii, Pietro Lingeri, Gio Ponti, Gino Sarfatti, among others. Carpets were generously provided by Altai.

The color palette included crisp white, beige, brown and black.

The showcased selection boasted a sofa produced by Fritz Henningsen in the 1930s, with a mahogany structure, cognac padded leather and brass details. A sofa and armchairs set by Carlo De Carli, produced by Cassina, was also displayed in the booth, alongside a pair of lounge chairs by Osvaldo Borsani, all from the Fifties.

Dimoregallery also presented tables by Severin Hansen and Pietro Lingeri, as well as a pair of cast bronze side tables by Luciano Frigerio.

Lighting sources were represented by rare objects such as the Murano glass wall lamps produced by Barovier in the Fourties, the set of brass wall lamps by Hans Agne Jakobsson, or the majestic chandeliers by BBPR and Angelo Lelii dated 1965 and 1959 respectively.

Gio Ponti’s bookcase and Carlo de Carli’s sliding doors bar, both coming from two private houses, were also pieces on display, representing Italian modern design at its finest.

Ph. Flora Luna