Pierre Marie

Born in 1982, the artist Pierre Marie lives and works in Paris.

An ornemanist at heart, Pierre Marie’s holistic approach is akin to that of French 19th century ‘ensemblier’ interior designers, and finds its full expression in working with master craftsmen. The singularity of his world manifests in all his works, be it a collaboration with a luxury brand or a personal exhibit. Pierre Marie’s creations combine narration with ornament and stand out with baroque profusion, letting his creative exuberance find its way on all surfaces to revive and magnify the true tradition of decorative arts.

In the recent years, Pierre Marie has been able to further expand his artistic vocabulary by engaging in a fruitful dialogue with various artisans specialized in traditional techniques such as stained glass, hand-woven tapestry, metal work, enamel or hand blown glass. Regardless of the framework, his designs are characterized by a uniquely contemporary and sensitive taste for motifs, colors and drawings that draw their inspiration from distant realms in time and space. This makes for a complex, coherent and ever-changing creative universe, where the ornament appropriately serves the piece within the context of its environment.

That approach is all the more relevant when working with brands that have an applied arts tradition, rich with historical artistic collaborations. Over the past ten years, Pierre Marie has for example drawn about thirty silk scarves for Hermès, and diptyque has regularly opened up its archives and invited him to enrich its heritage with his creations.

A natural companion for Dimore, Pierre Marie today contributes works of artisanal savoir-faire that reflect his aesthetic and sensibility to their signature interiors, delicately complementing them with exceptional pieces of decoration aligned with the overarching.