Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt works in a range of materials but always employs principle that throw new light on the geometric archetypes and challenge our preconceptions. Geometric constructions and compositions thus form the point of departure for her explorations of the given material.

In this series of wall lamps Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt translates geometric shapes into complex lamp compositions that combine transparent and opalised plexiglass surfaces. This encounter gives rise to a contrast-filled interplay of geometry, construction, colour and light.

Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt composes, designs and makes the lamps by hand, which means that each lamp is unique.

“I try to allow an element of chance in the process, so that I too am looking forward to seeing how it’s going to come out. I hope that this energy stays in the lamps, and that people feel like exploring what happens with the colours and the light”

Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt graduated from The Danish Design School in Copenhagen in 1994. Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt studied and trained in Denmark, Germany, Scotland and Japan. Throughout her career, she has received several official accolades and exhibited internationally. She is represented in several collections including Designmuseum Denmark.