[fil] NOIR is the room setting showcasing by Dimoregallery during Milan Design City event.

Dark hues and noir atmospheres are the codes of the aesthetics that define the new set-up, where the collections of the great masters of the twentieth century blend beautifully with pieces from contemporary designers, selected for an affinity of poetics and styles.

The spaces are boldly reimagined including sober, non-contrasting but vibrant accents.

A fusion of styles, a dialogue between past and present, contrasts and harmony are the values that summarise the philosophy of Dimoregallery.

Material, theatrical and kaleidoscopical.
These are the codes of the creations that Dimoregallery aims to promote and support.

The poetics of materials and refined technological detailing can be discovered in the Odeon collection by Ocra Studio. Inspired by the famous Parisian theatre on the Left Bank, the designers Stefania Loschi and Isabella Garbagnati introduce Touch table lamps in orobic arabesque marble, in both luminous and burnished brass, and a series of tables with brass panels as supports.

In a balance between design and craftsmanship, the collection of unique pieces presented by Isabella Garbagnati, who makes her solo debut for Dimoregallery, is focused on attention to detail, intended as the technical and aesthetic solution to convey its peculiarity.

Brass and precious marbles characterize the productions of the designer Ilaria Bianchi in the Debatable collection, born in 2018 from a reflection on the multiple roles of the table in the context of human interaction, conceived as a public and private agora.

This exploratory journey continues with the ornamentalist Pierre Marie and his world imaginary composed by a collection of a screen, a hand-woven tapestry and three rugs. The tapestry, called L’Amateur de Parfums, and one of the rugs are from Manufacture Robert Four in Aubusson.

The designer Hagit Pincovici presents the Desert collection, conceived from the observation of a multitude of rock formations with infinite chromatic variations. Chairs, lamps and objects are produced in sandstone, travertine, neon, brass and lava stone, all realised in a warm and delicate colour palette that recalls the desert sand.

David Scognamiglio, who interprets materials as narrative objects, and the space as an emotional place, employs light as the compositional element to modify spaces creating luminous architecture.
The series of lamps called Sommergere una luce nell’oceano was born from research carried out in the seas of Chilean Patagonia: two brass bars and a LED light to evoke the sparkle of light on the surface of the sea.

Ph. SilviaRivoltella