KAPITAL is a series of limited edition tables and stools based on essential forms, reminiscent of primordial stone capitals and simple geometric assemblages commonly found in classical architecture. The distinct and characteristic profiles, proportions and details found in classical orders inspired these new OEVFFICE works as a simplified reinterpretation with a contemporary twist.

Traditionally, the capital (from the Latin caput, or “head”) forms the topmost member of a column. It mediates between the column and the load thrusting down upon it, broadening the area of the column’s supporting surface. The capital, projecting on each side as it rises to support the abacus, joins this traditionally square element with the usually circular shaft of the column. The capital may be convex, as in the Doric order;

concave, as in the inverted bell of the Corinthian order; or scrolling out, as in the Ionic order.

Every composition from the KAPITAL COLLECTION is a combination distinct forms with typical stones

and marble from Italy, some often used by Romans to build monumental structures. The tables/stools have different natural colors and are all hand finished in Italy with a unique texture. The objects are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be customized.


The Pinac series is inspired by certain forms of cavities exhibited on prismatic and tabular minerals where they cleave on the pinacoidal plane, the third dimension aside from the basal and prismatic sides. The objects combine a crystal coloured top, bearing a transparent and reflective capacity, with the cold geometry of an angular aluminium base, a striking simplification of natural clefts in minerals.

The Pinac objects are not static, as you walk around them a new geometry and figure combined with transparency and varying shades of colour refract on the aluminum surface. The purity of the forms evoke the minimalism movement from the 60’s-70’s coupled with the glass colour and reflection to enhance the viewer’s experience.

It is possible to customize the objects with different finishes of aluminium (brushed, oxidized red, oxidized blue and polished mirror) with a selection of crystal tempered tops (peach, grey, blue and yellow).

Oeuffice was founded in 2011 as a collaboration between Nicolas Bellavance- Lecompte and Jakub Zak. After many years of a parallel life between Canada, Berlin and Milan, they united to form Oeuffice, a new research laboratory with a focus on developing innovative objects of limited edition. Their work reflects a common ideal of creating objects inspired by visions of a contemporary utopia, and has been exhibited internationally with numerous galleries including Phillips de Pury in London, R20th in New York, Dimore Gallery in Milan and Carwan Gallery in Beirut.