ph. Paola Pansini

The trademark style of DIMORESTUDIO’s work is that of a design practice constantly moving between design, art, architecture and fashion. It is a widely recognised vision in that it allows the co-existence of different materials and different eras, reinterpreted through a language generated by a visceral mixture of inventions, the study of objects from the past, the craftsmanship of artisans and the use of the light in an almost material way.

The new objects presented by DIMORESTUDIO at the Salone del Mobile 2016 re-examine all of these themes in the new collection of furniture, identifiable in the use of metals, which play with the contrasts of the new fabric patterns, rugs, and wallpaper.

The story of a dialogue between past and present, told through iconic Venini chandeliers, placed alongside recovered pieces and new custom made items, the entire 2016 collection is enriched with references from the 1960s and 70s, nods to Nanda Vigo and Maria Pergay, combined with a twist of landscape painting inspirations, to create a more contemporary reinterpretation on a historical theme.

The journey through the apartment occurs across seven successive environments, unique and exciting and each one revealing a different emotion, from joy to surprise to nostalgia, accompanying visitors on a voyage that explores forms and objects. The rooms are, not only physically but ideologically linked by a subtle decorative metal line that frames the mouldings and connects the doors to the windows and the perimeter of the walls. It is a decorative element that turns into a visual reference point within its almost abstract environments, the effect of which is amplified by the choice of a navy blue background for the floor and walls. The visitor is invited to discover precious materials, new earth tone colour variations alongside more feminine pink tones, historical references revealed by the choices of forms and the use of metals, both decorative and structural.

New furniture added to the ‘Progetto Non Finito’ collection resides in the various rooms alongside historical pieces, such as the Venini chandelier designed by Scarpa for the interior of a hotel, in glass which has different colour gradients from blue to pink, the pair of crystal sconces produced in 1930 for the Teatro Politeama of Genova, or the pair of small vintage steel tables by Velca.

Among the new products being presented: a pair of suspended lamps, Lampada 090, composed of an illuminated central cylinder surrounded by pivoting lengths of brass with one of the two faces painted in navy blue; floor lamps, Lampada 092, and one suspended lamp, Lampada 093, in brushed brass and chrome finish and spheres in pink and opal glass; Poltroncina 008 with the structure in brushed steel and upholstered in pink Alcantara ®  and Espallier Cloqué fabric, part of the new collection ‘Progetto Tessuti’ from 2016.

Among the most iconic pieces are the four cabinets of the new collection (085, 086, 087, 088), made of various metals such as pewter, brass, nickel, iron and steel with different surface treatments, and Libreria 089 in rootwood with a glossy polyester finish and smokey grey bevelled glass panels, which can pivot and slide on a visible steel track, complete with a desk upholstered in pink Alcantara ® and a base in steel and brass.

The modular system Divano 082 and Pouf 082, also usable as a side table, is characterised by a concave structure and a finishing carried out in three stages: direct lacquering, hand painted silver decorations and poli lacquered in glossy transparent finish. The goosedown cushions are upholstered with a jacquard fabric Iris Field cloqué Tussah of floral motifs, part of the new fabric collection. An example of innovative technical research is illustrated in the design of the sliding doors of one of the suspended closets, which uses coated steel and brass, sandblasted and then treated with natural acids in order to obtain a completely unexpected effect.

The extraordinary wallpaper digitally printed on raffia using varying tones of green and the fabric of the curtains are placed in the same room and use a design from an artwork by Federica Perazzoli, they are two examples of the highest quality of artisan craftsmanship which characterises the work of DIMORESTUDIO. The same decorative motif can be found on the rug, a limtited edition piece, composed of two half moon elements, two halves of an oval corresponding to two halves of a painted panel, of the new fabric Jungle Weave.

Also presented in ‘Intermissioni’ are some new editions of well known pieces produced by DIMORESTUDIO such as Tavolo 005 with a T section in glossy lacquered iron with brass fixing details, realised here in a new colour; Divano 016 with a glossy blue navy structure upholstered in the new fabric Sancarlo Broderie, inspired by an antique fabric found in the church of San Carlo in Milan, which is also used in a different variant as a central element of the upholstery and finishing of a suspended wardrobe; the two Poltroncina 008, already present in the catalogue are re-interpreted in a smaller version and upholstered in lamb’s wool, they have chrome finished iron edging and refer to the design of Nanda Vigo.

All objects are created by re-interpreting historical furniture pieces, in which glossy lacquers are combined with sophisticated classical fabrics yet made contemporary in their use, and where the ‘common thread’ is metal as a new entity, valuable yet corroded, just like the first prototype of the Poltroncina 019, one of the first furniture pieces designed by DIMORESTUDIO, on display at the beginning of the journey.

All pieces are represented as aesthetic uncensored entities, where the energy and strength of each chosen element is expressed in the piece itself, narrating first hand part of the overall ensemble.