APRIL 2019

ph. Andrea Ferrari

Iconic Milanese artist-designer Gabriella Crespi – a renowned reference for her unique style – has blended creativity, passion and artisanship in an indissoluble way, harmoniously balancing design and sculptural abstraction. She transformed furnishings into museum-like objects, characterized by precise forms and gracious contours. Defined by their exceptional versatility, these scene-stealer pieces are capable of changing the perception of the space around them, going from small to large dimensions through decomposition, as a result of an extraordinary artisanal work. Industrial materials, such as brass, copper and stainless steel are juxtaposed with glass, marble, wood, plexiglas and lacquer. Bamboo plays a key role in her creations, not only for its strength, malleability and warmth, but also for the way it enables the passage of light.

The encounter between Elisabetta Crespi – Gabriella’s daughter – Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci, the rational and creative minds behind Dimore, has established a precious bond, giving birth to a special edition of iconic Gabriella Crespi pieces made exclusively for Dimoregallery, crafted in different and selected materials for the first time.

The furnishings and lamps that will be presented include: Tavolo Scultura low tables (1970), the Scultura tables (oval version) in their regular and small sizes (1976), the Cubo Tondo (1976), Eclipse (1980), the Fungo lamp in different sizes (1970) and the Scudo sconces (1976).

A selection of pieces from Dimoregallery’s Historical collection and from the Gabriella Crespi Archive are also showcased throughout the exhibition.